SHINING 3D To Launch FreeScan Trak Pro2 and FreeScan Combo+

April 2, 2024

SHINING 3D proudly announces the launch of two new metrology 3D scanning solutions, the FreeScan Trak Pro2 and the FreeScan Combo+. These cutting-edge systems will be on display at the upcoming Control Messe event taking place from April 23rd to 26th in Stuttgart, home to its EMEA office since 2018.

FreeScan Trak Pro2: Markerless Optical 3D Measurement and Dynamic Tracking

SHINING 3D’s FreeScan Trak Pro2 metrology solution is comprised of three devices:

· FreeTrak dual-camera tracking system

· TE25 handheld laser 3D scanner with 5MP cameras

· FreeProbe (optional) portable CMM with a ruby measuring tip

This comprehensive set of high-precision tools offers an ideal metrology solution for quality control and 3D inspection. The FreeTrak system enables dynamic referencing, allowing users to move the TE25 laser scanner freely around the workpiece without the constraints of reference markers.

For large-scale workpieces, users can also move the FreeTrak to extend its scan range without having to re-measure reference artifacts to reestablish the link with the TE2D (a tedious process known as leapfrogging).

The FreeScan Trak Pro2 solution offers this practicality and freedom all while achieving an exceptional, metrology-grade accuracy of up to 0.023mm. Its reliability is validated through acceptance tests conducted at SHINING 3D’s ISO17025-accredited Accuracy Lab.

FreeScan Combo+: Extra Speed and Efficiency

SHINING 3D is expanding its FreeScan Combo Series with the new FreeScan Combo+ version. This handheld laser 3D scanner is equipped with all the same features and high precision as the original version, but offers additional lasers for users requiring even more efficiency.

The FreeScan Combo+ boasts 50 blue laser lines, offering almost double the speed of its sibling. It can acquire up to 3.6M points per second while the standard FreeScan Combo acquires 1.86M points per second with its 26-line scan mode.

When and Where to Find More Information

SHINING 3D’s EMEA team is delighted to showcase these two solutions at the 36th Control Messe (Hall 10 / Stand 1702), the leading international trade fair for quality assurance.

The team is also hosting an exclusive unveiling webinar on April 16th for early birds eager to explore all the details ahead of the Control Messe. Two sessions are available for sign-up:

· April 16th, 2024 @ 10:00 CET (17:00 Beijing, GMT+8 – Find your timezone here)

· April 16th, 2024 @ 19:00 CET (02:00 Beijing, GMT+8) – Find your timezone here)

We look forward to showing you just how exceptional this second generation of metrology scanners is!