Shining 3D Earns Prestigious Red Dot Award for Excellence in 3D Digitizing Technology

May 17, 2024

The jury of the prestigious Red Dot Award has honoured SHINING 3D with a number of product design awards for its outstanding design quality. FreeScan UE Pro, FreeScan Combo and Aoralscan 3 Wireless have been honoured with the highly sought-after 2024 Red Dot Product Design Award. Since its inception in 1955, the Red Dot Design Award has always adhered to a rigorous judging mechanism to select outstanding designs worldwide, and has gradually established its unrivalled prestige in the global design community, known as the ‘Oscars of the design world’.
This is further proof of the perfect combination of superior quality, exceptional functionality and attractive overall design behind SHINING 3D’s new products, so that SHINING 3D’s products are instantly recognisable. This highest honour in the design world is undoubtedly the highest recognition of SHINING 3D’s relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence.
“3D digitizing technology can be applied to many industries, and SHINING 3D believes that our product designs highlight our goal to become a 3D visual technology company with global influence. I am delighted to see the Red Dot jury recognising our products”. commented Litao, CEO of SHINING 3D.

FreeScan UE Pro with high precision metrology-grade inspection

With a disruptive design concept and extreme performance, FreeScan UE Pro stands out from its  international competitors. It has fine scanning capability and global precision control for large-scale workpiece scanning. With an accuracy up to 0.02 mm, it is able to quickly and accurately capture every detail of complex industrial parts, fulfilling the stringent requirements of high-end manufacturing industries such as aerospace, automotive manufacturing, and precision machinery. Global precision  control means it integrates photogrammetric functions to quickly pinpoint the spatial location of target  frames without applying coded targets. 

FreeScan UE Pro has 13 crossed laser lines to quickly scan large objects, 7 parallel laser lines to scan fine  details, and one single laser line to scan deep holes and pockets. 26+7+1 laser lines make it even more  capable of capturing accurate and complete data in hard-to-reach areas. 

Its appearance is not only ergonomically designed, but also dramatically improves the stability and  durability of the device, demonstrating the perfect combination of industrial aesthetics and functionality.

Freescan Combo for multiple scanning environments

Freescan combo realizes a breakthrough in both design and performance. The projector uses a combination of blue laser light and infrared light to adapt to changing industrial measurement environments. 26 laser lines enable millimeter measurement accuracy even on black or reflective objects, meeting the stringent demands of high-precision scanning.
Its ergonomic appearance not only makes it easy to carry and work in the field, but also greatly optimises the use of space, demonstrating the humane considerations of the design. The weights only 620g, facilitating handheld scanning more easily and avoiding fatigue due to long working time.

Aoralscan 3 Wireless makes scanning unlimited

SHINING 3D has led a new revolution in oral healthcare technology with its latest generation 3D intraoral scanner, Aoralscan 3 Wireless. Aoralscan 3 Wireless has dual-sized tips for both adults and children and can complete an oral scan in just two minutes, winning high praise from the Red Dot Award jury for its efficiency and accuracy.
Aoralscan 3 Wireless is a wireless scanner and has built-in Wi-Fi 6 technology for fast and stable data transfer for a seamless scanning experience, providing a more comfortable experience for both doctors and patients. It has faster data post-processing speed. SHINING 3D has developed its own clinic-friendly features including oral health report, orthodontic simulation, model creation, temperature design, indirect bonding tray design and data tracking.
The birth of Aoralscan 3 Wireless not only optimises the patient experience, but also brings a qualitative leap in the clinical application of the product, heralding the entry of dental treatment into the intelligent era.

As a deep cultivator of 3D digital technology, SHINING 3D adheres to consistent design quality and innovative operation concepts, and is committed to promoting the popularity and application of high-precision 3D vision technology.