SHINING 3D Celebrates the Relocation and Expansion of Its Chengdu R&D Center

August 9, 2023

Chengdu, China – August 3, 2023: Earlier this week, SHINING 3D held a ceremony to celebrate the relocation and expansion of its Chengdu R&D Center. Various key figures attended the event, including the company’s customers, partners, and management team. They gathered together to mark the official opening of the new location, a significant milestone for SHINING 3D.

As a pioneer in the high-precision 3D digitizing field, SHINING 3D firmly believes that research and development innovation is crucial to its success, which is why it places it at the core of its business. Since 2012, it has been reinvesting more than 20% of its annual revenue back into R&D. This has allowed the company to continuously refine its technology and stay ahead of the competition, launching new and improved products on a frequent basis.

Today, SHINING 3D’s research and development team accounts for over a third of the company’s total workforce, with 119 authorized patents to their credit. This team of brilliant engineers has been instrumental in driving innovation and developing cutting-edge technologies.

The Chengdu location is one of three SHINING 3D R&D centers, with the other two located in Hangzhou and Tianjin. It first opened its doors in 2021 and has already outgrown its initial office in just two years of operation. This impressive growth is a testament to the team’s hard, successful work and dedication.

The team is now thrilled to move into the new Laipudun Center location, with around 1,700 square meters to continue recruiting more researchers. Chengdu, known for its abundance of top-tier universities, is an ideal place to attract the brightest young talent in the industry.

Looking ahead, SHINING 3D is set to maintain its commitment to technological excellence and customer-centric development process, made possible through the company’s R&D investment and the dedication of its passionate team and partners.

About SHINING 3D: SHINING 3D has been developing, manufacturing, and democratizing high-precision 3D technologies for almost 20 years. The company offers accessible and high-quality 3D digital solutions to users with diverse backgrounds and industries worldwide. As a key contributor in the 3D scanning industry, SHINING 3D aims to keep nourishing and leveraging its global influence to promote the popularization of digital 3D technology.