FreeScan V1.2.4 | The Major Accessibility Software Updates for FreeScan You Can’t Miss

September 30, 2022

Since the release of the FreeScan UE Pro in the first half of 2022, the FreeScan family of high-precision handheld scanners has been trusted for its efficient and highly accurate scanning experience.

Over the past few months, we’ve been hard at work to help FreeScan 3D scanners provide you with higher quality data, a better operating experience, and even better follow-up data processing.

We’re super excited to tell you about these new features, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Here’s a quick overview:

1. Partial HD Scanning for FreeScan UE
2. New Function: Local Enlarge View & View Lock
3. Detailed Data Processing:Generate Point Clouds & Cutting Plane

If you’re interested in what’s new, check out our latest video that covers it all.

1. Partial HD Scanning for FreeScan UE

For FreeScan UE 7&11, we integrated the partial HD scanning mode into the software. This feature is no longer exclusive to FreeScan UE Pro users, the only difference is that UE 7&11 does it using cross lines instead of parallel lines. This feature helps to get as much data detail as possible.

2. New Function: Local Enlarge View & View Lock

The upgrade allows easier viewing of the scanning process during scanning.

Local Enlarge view: when this function is on, the object view is enlarged so that you can check if there is enough data in the corners and edges of the object.

View Lock: When this function is enabled, the view will be locked during the scan and will not follow the scan path. This feature is intended for customers who need to scan objects at a fixed angle.

3. Detailed Data Processing:Generate Point Clouds & Cutting Plane

The original functions are subdivided to meet the diversified needs of users.

Generate Point Clouds: This function is divided into two parts: “Generate Point Cloud” and “Optimize and Generate Point Cloud”. “Generate Point Cloud” is suitable for situations where fast data generation is required; “Optimize and Generate Point Cloud” generates higher quality data.

Cutting Plane: To meet different needs, the cutting plane function is also divided into two parts: “Delete selected point clouds” and “Delete selected markers”, both options can be checked at the same time, or only one of them can be deleted.

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