Using the SHINING 3D Metrology 3D Scanner for Batch Inspection of Precision Worm-Type Parts

November 8, 2017

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Case Overview: A precision parts manufacturer uses SHINING 3D’s OptimScan-5M metrology 3D scanner for batch scanning and inspection of precision Worm-Type Parts.

Case Background: In traditional industrial manufacturing processes, three-coordinate measuring probes are often used for parts inspection. However, with increasing demands on parts precision and ever smaller length scales, traditional measuring methods cannot meet the requirement. In this case, we are going to inspect some micro-precision worm-type parts.

Inspection goals:

1、  Inspecting overall machining error of the parts

2、  Inspecting certain specific measurements of the parts

Difficulties of measurement:

1、  The worm-type parts are tiny, with a mere 4 mm in diameter;

2、  The tooth space is narrow and deep, with a mere 0.8 mm in width (which makes traditional three-coordinate measuring probes impossible to inspect );

3、  There are a great many different size to be inspected;

4、  As the worm-type parts lack obvious characteristics, the alignment of the scanning images is quite difficult.

Scanning process:

First, the engineer sets the OptimScan-5M metrology scanner at a 5-megapixel high-resolution scanning mode with a scanned range of 100 x 75 mm to meet scanning demands for the precision worm-type parts. Moreover, the angle between the two scanning lenses should be increased so that the teeth of the warm-type part can be better scanned.

As the worm-type parts lack obvious characteristics, it will be difficult to complete the WORM-type alignment. So, the engineer scans the worm gear together with other parts with markers to facilitate aligning in the scanning process. Ultimately, the 3D data of the precision worm-type parts is displayed on the screen.

Inspection process:

When scanning is completed and 3D data is obtained, the scanning software automatically imports the file into the Geomagic Control X inspection software for contrast detection. After the first piece of the precision worm-type parts is inspected in accordance with previously configured inspection process, scanning and inspection of each subsequent piece take only 2 minutes.

After completion of the inspection, the engineer shall visually grasp the overall machining error of the parts based on color shown in the report view as generated automatically by the software. Meanwhile, key measurements data which is set in advance for inspection are also automatically indicated in the report


With the help of SHINING 3D’s OptimScan-5M metrology 3D scanner, the engineer is able to scan and inspect precision worm-type parts which cannot be completed with traditional three-coordinate probes.

In the scanning process, inspection becomes simpler and the scanning takes only two minutes for each piece of part. When scanning of each piece of parts is completed, the software also automatically generates reports to enable visualized understanding of the inspection results.

With the assistance of SHINING 3D’s OptimScan-5M metrology scanner, the efficiency of scanning in the traditional manufacturing process can be greatly improved, moreover, the product qualification rate is higher.