3D Scanning Makes Giant Mining Trucks Inspection and Manufacturing More Efficient

March 4, 2024

High-accuracy 3D scanning tech and the rise of industrial manufacturing are clearly linked. Also, high-accuracy 3D scanners have changed how we inspect and make large construction machinery. This case study is an excellent example. It shows how the FreeScan UE Pro 3D scanner for high-accuracy metrology helps giant mining trucks inspection and manufacturing.

The case study focused on SANY Heavy Industry Co., Ltd, which is a company that specializes in the production of large machinery such as trucks, concrete machinery, excavators, and so on. Their need was to inspect mining trucks, which are assembled from complex structural components and can withstand the extreme conditions of mining operations. Thus, ensuring the precision and integrity of these components is critical to safe and efficient operations.

Name: SANY Heavy Industry Co., Ltd

Size: Nearly 30,000

Product: Large machinery such as trucks, concrete machinery, excavators, and so on

Need: Giant Mining trucks inspection

Solution: SHINING 3D’s FreeScan UE Pro 3D Scanner


● Simple and efficient inspection process
● Accurate inspection results

A large structural component of the giant mining truck.
A large structural component of the giant mining truck

Challenges in the Inspection of Giant Mining Trucks

Inspecting large mining trucks is hard. This is because of their increased load capacity and size. The length of the structural parts of some large mine cars can reach 7-8 meters. Manual measurements are time-consuming, prone to human error. Meanwhile, CMMs have a small measurement range. So, they struggle to cover such large workpieces.

Metrology 3D Scanner for Large Workpiece Inspection

To solve this issue, SANY Heavy Industry cooperated with SHINING 3D to introduce high-accuracy 3D scanning technology to produce large mining trucks. The FreeScan UE Pro laser handheld 3D scanner helps manufacture mining trucks. It gets the complete 3D data of the large workpiece. Then workers compare the 3D data with the design data and check for machining errors.

As a measurement tool, FreeScan UE Pro has the following advantages:


Firstly, the FreeScan UE Pro offers the advantage of high accuracy. In combination with a photogrammetric system, the volumetric accuracy can be 0.02mm + 0.015mm/m. The FreeScan UE Pro provides a database for accurately measuring form deviations on large workpieces.

Inspection results of a truck component in software.
Inspection results in software

Photogrammetry Mode

Additionally, under the photogrammetry mode, the FreeScan UE Pro does not need to use markers. This eliminates the step of putting/removing markers, saving time and improving efficiency.

3D scanning the large component for mining truck inspection using the FreeScan UE Pro and scale bars.
3D scanning with scale bar


Moreover, as a handheld scanner, the FreeScan UE Pro is portable, without a doubt. Its strong environmental adaptability allows 3D inspection next to the production line. Even in outdoor environments, the FreeScan UE Pro works well. This means no need to move the workpiece to the measuring room.

Efficient scanning

The FreeScan UE Pro has a scanning speed of 1.85 million points per second and a large format of 600 mm x 550 mm. With optimized software algorithms, the scanning process is fast and smooth.

Portable and fast 3D scanning for mining trucks inspection with the FreeScan UE Pro.
Portable and fast 3D scanning with the FreeScan UE Pro


With the FreeScan UE Pro, SANY Heavy Industry could efficiently and accurately complete the inspection of large parts, thus successfully producing large mining trucks. Now, these giant mining trucks have been delivered to customers on time.

For industries seeking to elevate their production standards and ensure the safety and efficiency of their machinery, the FreeScan UE Pro stands ready to revolutionize the inspection process. Please don’t hesitate to start your free consultation now!