How to Scan A Turbojet Engine with FreeScan 3D Scanner

January 17, 2023

Turbine engines are the main element of the aircraft. It will experience varying degrees of wear through work, and the 3D scanner is an excellent tool for inspecting this wear.

It is easy to see that the turbojet engine has many blades. Since these blades contain deep areas and surfaces are irregularyly curved, it is challenging to quickly get accurate data using traditional measurement techniques. In addition, the turbojet engine was very heavy and difficult to move, which also made the measurement more difficult.

In this article, we will experience scanning a turbojet engine easily and fast using the Shining 3D FreeScan UE Pro laser handheld 3D scanner.


Step 1 – Quick Access to Global Data


FreeScan UE Pro is very light at 840g and ergonomically designed to make the scanning process simple and convenient. Firstly, we used multiple lines scan mode to quickly get the base data of the turbojet engine. This mode has 26 cross laser lines and a larger FOV. What’s more, the accuracy of FreeScan UE Pro is up to 0.02mm, with small inaccuracies to fully meet industrial inspection requirements.

*Tips: Creating a cutting plane after the first scan is completed can make optimization and point cloud generation process faster.


Step 2 – Data Acquisition of Deep Areas


For areas that are more difficult to scan, such as deep holes and pocket areas, a supplemental scan to get more comprehensive data using the single line scan mode is most appropriate. At the end of the scan, we can see that some deep holes or pocket area data has been added.


Step 3 – Data Processing in FreeScan Software


Scanned data can be processed directly in Shining 3D FreeScan software. The area and connected field function helps us to get the data we need and delete the data we don’t. The optimization and point cloud generation function may de-duplicate and denoise points of the scanned data, and also lower the possibility of misalignment, helping us to improve alignment outcomes, and guarantee data quality. It is also possible to import the whole data into major 3D inspection and design software for processing, such as Geomagic Control X and Geomagic Design X. Finally, we mesh with one-click to obtain the whole data.


*FreeScan UE Pro also has a fine scan mode with 5 parallel laser lines, which allows to scan the fine features of an object and accurately restore its details.

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