Combining Art and Technology, Freescan X5 Interprets the Beauty of Art by Science And Technology

March 5, 2019

The Japanese artist Michihiro Matsuoka held his first exhibition in China last year. Michihiro Matsuoka is from the Aichi Prefecture, in Japan. His work features a variety of land animals and fish combined with his own understanding of the Steampunk and Cyborg genres. Featuring unique and fascinating styles in his works, he is very adept at applying changing and layered lines to highlight object outlines, as well as the creative concept of combining animal with machinery. All handmade, Matsuoka’s work is mainly made of clay combined with other materials. It is completed with a fine coat of acrylic paint to mimic the peeling effect of aging metal.

While each of his works is very dynamic and details of exterior structures are extremely complicated. An art collector was looking for a way to save the complete 3D model of the masterpieces. 

Scanning the Bizarre Plants series could be quite challenging. As it was a unique handmade artwork, no pre-treatment was allowed to apply on its surface, including spraying or sticking. The structure and surface were extremely complicated, while the art collector required high-quality 3D models with rich detail.

FreeScan X5 handheld laser 3D scanner can quickly obtain 3D data of object surface without causing any damage its surface by using a non-contact scanning method. No professional background is required for operators and no special restrictions on the scanning environment. Featured high-precision scanning, FreeScan X5 brings an outstanding performance of detailed parts.

The 3D model captured by FreeScan X5 was applied in virtual display. Without the limit of time and space, art enthusiasts now can share and enjoy the masterpieces of Michihiro Matsuoka at any time through the Internet.