3D Scanning Opens New Approaches to Time Travel and Treasure Hunt

March 18, 2020

Did you start in the new year busy and are looking for a short but exciting getaway? Online classrooms, cloud office, and cloud travel have become new ways of living in your home. For those who are interested in natural science, come to the “cloud” to visit the Musée Virtuel Albert de Lapparent , a virtual museum of geology created by the French Geosciences Department of UniLaSalle and supported by the GéoLab innovation laboratory (https://www.musee-delapparent.com/fr). The lifelike virtual tour of natural geology makes your home turn into a prehistoric site and lets you experience ancient artifacts in breathtaking virtual reality.

Musée Virtuel Albert de Lapparent

Who is the initiator of the time travel?

The Musée Virtuel Albert de Lapparent was founded by a group of geology teachers from UniLaSalle in France, a unique engineering school in Life and Earth sciences. In order to better understand and answer today´s great environmental challenges, UniLaSalle developed the GéoLab, which is a digital innovation laboratory in Geosciences allowing students to improve their skills in 3D modeling, 3D scanning and 3D simulation. -Prehistoric revival by means of 3D Technology

1. 3D scanning

The GéoLab team used an EinScan-Pro Series multifunctional handheld 3D Scanner to collect 3D data of various types of fossils, specimens, rocks, and further exciting prehistoric objects. Most 3D scanning is done by students themselves. For different scanning objects, they will use fixed scanning mode, handheld scanning mode or a combination of the two modes to obtain high-quality 3D data.

Musée Virtuel Albert de Lapparent

2. 3D data reconstruction and sharing

Students use the collected scan data to edit, design, and render 3D models in different software, and upload the reconstructed data to Sketchfab, allowing more researchers and natural geology enthusiasts to share and download for free.


3. Derived applications

The 3D data of these rocks and specimens have been sorted and uploaded, providing innovative teaching tools for science educators. In addition, the GéoLab team also uses this data for applications such as personalized design, 3D printing, and virtual display.

SHINING 3D launched EinScan Pro 2X series of multi-functional handheld 3D scanners following the well-established and widely celebrated EinScan Pro series. With a variety of scanning modes, high-quality data output, and fast and smooth scanning experience it has become the perfect choice for users looking for high-quality, cost-effective 3D modeling tools. At the same time, Shining 3D also brings EinScan users a complete 3D scanning to CAD design solution combined with two softwares: Geomagic Essentials and Solid Edge SHINING 3D Edition to equip users with all the tools they need, not only for their digital time travel but also to make their engineering and design dreams become reality.

 EinScan Pro 2X series