Major Update: Geomagic Essentials V2 is here!

November 11, 2021

Geomagic Essentials brings you the tools to use the CAD system as a part of your scan-based modeling workflow. Converting 3D scans to CAD has never been easier. Geomagic Essentials is the bridge software that extracts all the necessary elements of a scanned part for immediate use in your CAD software. Bridging the gap between 3D scanning and CAD, Geomagic Essentials has become an indispensable tool for the SHINING 3D user community.

Hello Update!

As our goal as your trusted 3D scanning provider is to improve your daily working routines and adapt our products and solutions to your real needs, we are happy to introduce to you some of the main features of Geomagic Essentials V2, which will sustainably and effectively improve the way you work!

What´ s new!?

1. Trim Mesh with Plane/Curve

Several options are available that allow you to trim (remove) polygons from an object. These options can all be accessed via the Trim button.

Trim Mesh with Plane/Curve

Instruction video:

2. Flipping Normals

The Flip Normals command reverses the normal direction of a polygon mesh. In other words, the front and back sides of the entire mesh are flipped.

Flipping Normals

3. Shell/Thicken Mesh

You can define the level of thickness for your polygon model by duplicating and offsetting a mesh in either a single direction (shell) or in two directions (thicken).

Shell/Thicken Mesh

Instruction video:

4. Predefined views in the right-click menu

4. Predefined views in the right-click menu

This update is completely FREE for all of our current users who are using Geomagic Essetials V1!

Sounds exciting!? There´s so much more to look forward to! Keep your eyes peeled for the announcement of a new EinScan software update! We are working on some great new features for you, including importing your scan data into Geomagic Essentials 2 with one click!

Important note: The current software only supports one click import to the initial version of Geomagic Essentials. After upgrading to the new version, you need to save the data first and then open Geomagic Essentials V2 to edit the scan data. We are working on the integration with the EinScan software for the next update. Stay tuned.

Download Free Update Here