SHINING 3D’s Latest Metrology Upgrade: FreeScan Trak Pro2 And FreeScan Combo+

April 16, 2024

SHINING 3D recently announced the launch of two new metrology 3D scanning solutions, the FreeScan Trak Pro2 and the FreeScan Combo+. Both systems will be on display at the leading metrology tradeshow, Control Messe, taking place from April 23rd to 26th in Stuttgart, Germany.

FreeScan Trak Pro2: Markerless Optical 3D Measurement and Dynamic Tracking

This metrology solution is comprised of three devices: the FreeTrak tracking bar, the TE25 portable scanner, and the optional FreeProbe contact probe. These tools offer a convenient, efficient, and precise 3D inspection workflow for a wide range of sectors. This turnkey 3D inspection solution is particularly suited for use cases and industries involving large workpieces, such as the automotive, aerospace, power generation, and ship maintenance industries.

Its main advantage is its dynamic referencing and markerless operation, possible thanks to the dual-camera FreeScan that tracks the TE25 and its built-in targets. This solution’s extendable measuring range also offers a significant edge, eliminating the need for leapfrogging when repositioning the FreeScan to cover other parts of a large-scale workpiece.

The FreeScan Trak Pro2 solution provides a scan speed up to 3,070,000 points per second and a minimum point distance down to 0.01mm (0.0003in). Such speeds can be reached with the TE25’s 50 crossed laser lines. Two other modes, one with 7 parallel laser lines and one with a single laser line, provide flexibility for more detailed zones.

As SHINING 3D users are accustomed to, a free lifetime license to FreeScan software is included with the system. It offers a comprehensive toolkit and displays point cloud data in real time, with data quality indicators to help obtain the best possible mesh from the start.

FreeScan Combo+: Handheld Metrology with Extra Speed and Efficiency

SHINING 3D is expanding its FreeScan Combo series with the new FreeScan Combo+. It boasts all of the FreeScan Combo’s advanced features, namely:

Hybrid light sources: This series is equipped with both blue laser technology and an infrared VCSEL light source, enabling users to get the best of both speed and accuracy on a wide range of materials and surfaces.

Compact, lightweight, and ergonomic: The FreeScan Combo and Combo+ weigh only 620g and measure 193x63x53mm. They’re easy to handle and use, even for long scanning sessions.

Multiple scan modes: These versatile 3D scanners feature four scanning modes to adapt to different workpieces in a variety of use cases and industries.

The difference between the FreeScan Combo and the FreeScan Combo+ lies in laser quantity and, consequently, scan speed. While the FreeScan Combo and its 26 laser lines reach 1,860,000 points per second, the FreeScan Combo+ features 50 lines and can reach up to 3,600,000 points per second. Accuracy remains the same for both versions, at 0.02 + 0.033mm/m.

By launching the Combo+ as an additional version, SHINING 3D is proud to continue offering modularity in its portfolio. Users may opt for what matters to their specific use cases instead of only being offered a “one size fits all” product and pricing.

Get a Live Demo at Control Messe

Come visit our international team at Control Messe in Hall 10 / Stand 1702 to try these solutions out for yourself and obtain more information, or contact us online to get brochures and online demos.