3D Metrology Solution

SHINING 3D owns multiple core technologies in the field of 3D machine vision based 3D inspection, bringing a variety of independent research and development equipment including laser handheld 3D scanner, blue-light high-precision 3D scanner for inspection system, intelligent robot automatic 3D inspection system, wireless optical portable CMM system and etc.

Industries: Aerospace, Automotive & Transportation, Power Generation, Industrial Manufacturing and Other Industries.

Applications: 3D Inspection, Simulation, Reverse Engineering, Product Development, and etc.


FreeScan Trak Pro2

FreeScan Trak Pro2 ensures fast, precise, and repeatable inspections across diverse parts and surfaces, all without the need for markers. Perfect for quality control and 3D inspections, the FreeScan Trak Pro2 is set to redefine your measurement experience.

FreeScan Combo Series

Get ready for our latest innovation: the FreeScan Combo+ Multifunctional Metrology 3D scanner. This groundbreaking product features an outstanding 50 laser lines and an unrivaled scan speed that can reach a staggering 3,600,000 points per second. Equipped with hybrid light sources, utilizing both Laser and VCSEL infrared light, it offers superior scanning quality.

FreeScan Trio

Laser 3D scanner FreeScan Trio, with innovative 98-laser-line mode, 5 megapixel cameras and built-in photogrammetry, eliminates the need for markers and delivers ultra-fast speed and unrelenting accuracy.

FreeScan UE Pro

Inheriting the high precision and accuracy of the FreeScan series, multi-functional laser scanning mode and built-in photogrammetry are integrated in the FreeScan UE Pro to unlock the boundaries of the most demanding industrial digital manufacturing applications.

Product Models

Laser Handheld 3D Scanner

Laser Handheld 3D Scanner

Multifunctional Metrology 3D Scanner

High-Precision 3D Inspection Scanner