Application Engineer( Germany/ USA)

Job Description


1.Communicate with sales staff to identify and log problems with Shining 3D products detected in the field and/or during testing.
Regularly provide feedback to the R&D department to improve the product.

2.Create and conduct training programs for customers and the Shining 3D sales department. Develop training programs, tutorials and handouts, as well as conduct basic and advanced classes.

3.As directed, evaluate the client's requirements for the application.

4.Interpretation of drawings, modeling and CAD data, GD&T and inspection plans, reverse engineering and fast execution. Prototyping requirements to prepare the necessary documentation and provide extended assistance and support for specific applications to customers and the customer service department.

5.Communicate directly with customers and help with any problems that arise after installation, and solve any problems by following established procedures and using experience, available tools and other technical personnel as needed.

6.Conduct product demonstrations and provide high-level pre-sale technical assistance to potential customers in support of a sales department that goes beyond his/her established territory when necessary.

7.Examine customer data, including digital photographs, technical drawings, 3D models, inspection plans, layouts and details. Contact customers to clarify the requirements and explain the next steps of the process.

8.Run MQC services if necessary. A trip to the customer's enterprise and the provision of necessary services, including 3D inspection, modeling and measurements, the use of CAD data, reverse engineering, inspection or consultations on rapid prototyping.

9.Create training manuals, quick reference guides, and check the technical accuracy of documentation if necessary for sales support, customer service, and training.


1.A bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering or a related engineering field is required, work experience as an application engineer in the field of 3D imaging and rapid prototyping (additive manufacturing).
Understanding 2D and 3D CAD, metrology, interpretation of drawings, GD&T.

2.Has exceptional problem-solving and interpersonal communication skills recognized by colleagues.

3.English will be the main language of communication, additional language skills will be an advantage.