More Functional & More Convenient : EinScan-HX Software Update

November 23, 2020

EinScan-HX software was released recently. There has been a great improvement in the functionality and convenience of the software.

1. New mode of software operation

Right-click menu

a) Function of right-click menu

The Right-click menu was added in which you can do an unselect or change model view.

b) Selection tools

3 new selection tools are added. Now you can select data with the rectangular tool, polygon tool, or paintbrush.

Polygon selection
Polygon selection
Rectangular selection
Rectangular selection
Paintbrush selection
Paintbrush selection
connected domain
You can also do select all data or select a connected domain. The latter will help you select all connected data and easily delete floating error points.

c)The UI for meshing and post-process was also improved to be more user friendly.

Meshing menu
Meshing menu
Post-process menu
Post-process menu

2.Project alignment function

Marker and feature alignment are now available for project alignment.

Add marker and feature align for project alignment
Add marker and feature alignment for project alignment

3.Marker scan

You can now only scan markers and output as global marker files(.p3)
This function supposes to give you a more accurate marker position for further scan alignment.

Scan markers only
Scan markers only

4.Cutting plane

Now you can set up the cutting plane to ignore the table surface during scanning. We provided 3 ways to construct cutting planes: fitting point cloud / Creating straight line / by markers

table surface data
To create a cutting plane by fitting point cloud, you just select table surface data, and the software will fit the plane based on selected data.
create straight line
If you choose to create straight line, software will settle the plane go through both the line and the normal of the screen.
select markers to define the cutting plane
You can also put markers on the table surface and select them to define the cutting plane.
Invert function
Choose to delete selected data/invert cutting plane/delete cutting plane. Invert function will help you decide which side of the plane will be kept during scanning. And if you are not satisfied with the current plane, you can delete and construct a new one.
scan without picking up the table surface
After the cutting plane is settled, you can scan without picking up the table surface.

New Reverse engineering service

Do you want to create a CAD model from the scanned data for reproduction, studying and analyzing, inspection, archiving or product improvements? Take advantages of the experience of the SHINING 3D Reverse Engineering Team, we are here is here to help you deliver high quality 3D CAD models with reverse engineering services cost effectively.


Before end of this year, all EinScan HX user can get a deal for Reverse Engineering Service from us. Each customer of EinScan HX can submit a project of RE. The projects taking less than 3 hours will be free of charge. While for the time exceeding 3 hours, we will make you a reasonable offer. Contact us now to reserve your spot!

ExScan HX V1.1.0.1

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