Making Reverse Engineering Effortless: An Overview of Geomagic Design X

April 11, 2023

Reverse engineering has become a popular technique in the manufacturing industry, the process involves measuring and analyzing a physical product without the original drawings and documents, reconstructing the geometric model, and reproducing the product using a CNC machine tool or a 3D printer. Geomagic Design X is a software tool that is widely used for reverse engineering, and in this article, we will focus on ways to use Design X for efficient reverse engineering.

Obtain 3D Data

A necessary step before reverse engineering is to use a 3D scanner to obtain 3D data of the object. In this case, we used the SHINING 3D FreeScan UE Pro, a handheld laser 3D scanner with metrology-grade accuracy (up to 0.02mm). The 3D data of the object was well presented in cross laser lines scanning mode. The data is then processed and converted into an STL file.

Scanning using SHINING 3D FreeScan UE Pro



The next step is to import the scanned data into Design X. Design X has an “Auto Segment” function that can classify the data into different colored geometric regions based on curvature and features. These regions can be used to create reference features such as planes, curves, and points. In this case, we create planes using the “plane” function and use the “Interactive Alignment” function.

The plane has been created in Design X



Once the data is aligned, the modeling process can begin. The goal is to create a model similar to the scanned model and create features by adding or deleting data. The “mesh sketch” function is used to sketch the outline of the cross-section. In this step, there is a tip to hide the scanned data to make the outline clearer, which can be done by press Ctrl+1. Next, we use the “line” and “perimeter circle” functions to draw the sketch by following this outline, and the “trim” function to remove some unnecessary data. Finally, The solid body is created using the “extrude” function.

The 3D model has been created in Design X


In conclusion, Geomagic Design X is an indispensable tool for reverse engineering. The software’s features and benefits make the reverse engineering process more efficient and accurate. With Design X, users can create 3D models that accurately represent the physical product, leading to improved product design and development.


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