3D Scanning Automotive Body in White (BIW) with FreeScan Trak Pro2

April 26, 2024

This article elaborates on 3D scanning an automotive body in white (BIW) with SHINING 3D’s FreeScan Trak Pro2. It emphasizes the significance and advantages of this technology in automotive manufacturing.

What is Body in White?

Body in White” (BIW) refers to the stage in automotive manufacturing where a car’s sheet metal components are assembled but not yet painted or trimmed. It represents the structural shell of the vehicle before adding the final components. Body in white plays a fundamental and critical role in automobile manufacturing because it directly affects the vehicle’s quality, safety, and design.

Body in white, refers to the stage in automotive manufacturing where a car's sheet metal components are assembled but not yet painted or trimmed.
Automotive Body in White

Why 3D Scanning Body in White?

3D scanning allows for highly accurate measurements of complex geometries. This aids in quality control, reverse engineering, prototyping, and virtual simulations crucial in modern automotive design and manufacturing.

The technician is scanning a body in white using FreeScan Trak Pro2 3D scanner.
3D Scanning Automotive Body in White

Firstly, by performing accurate 3D scanning of the body in white, automakers can ensure the fit between the body in white and individual components and improve the assembly quality of the entire vehicle.

Moreover, by comparing 3D scanning data with design drawings, automotive designers can identify design defects in time for adjustment and optimization, thus improving the performance and quality of the vehicle.

In addition, the automotive manufacturing industry has been digitally transformed. The digital model of the car body created by 3D scanning technology can support subsequent digital production and process optimization, thus reducing production costs and increasing production efficiency. Meanwhile, product quality and brand competitiveness can also be improved.

The scanned data of body in white by FreeScan Trak Pro2.
Data of Body in White Obtained by FreeScan Trak Pro2

3D Scanning Body in White with FreeScan Trak Pro2

Scanning a body in white poses significant challenges due to its sheer size and intricate curved surfaces. Achieving precise scans without distortions or data gaps is paramount for subsequent manufacturing processes.

The FreeScan Trak Pro2 3D scanner offers advantages perfectly suited for tackling the complexities of scanning the body in white. The FreeTrak bar dynamically tracks the TE25 scanner thanks to its tracking targets. Unlike traditional methods requiring markers, this scanner eliminates that step, saving valuable time and streamlining the scanning process.

FreeScan Trak Pro2 delivers metrology-grade scanning results with exceptional accuracy up to 0.023mm. At the same time, its wide and expandable tracking range allows fast and accurate measurement of the volume and surface of the body in white. Under the 50 blue laser lines mode, it captures the entire body in white in 10 minutes, ensuring efficiency without compromising accuracy.

The technician is scanning the interior of the body in white.
3D Scanning the Interior of the Body in White


In conclusion, FreeScan Trak Pro 2 can quickly acquire complete 3D data of the body in white without markers. It brings great convenience to automotive design, manufacturing, and inspection. In this era of smart manufacturing, the role of 3D scanning is paramount. It ensures a flawless body in white assemblies and drives innovation in automotive design.

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