Thank You for Visiting SHINING 3D at Control 2022!

May 27, 2022

We had a blast at Control and we hope you did, too! Thank you for stepping by our booth, for the interest in our products, your attention and your time. But most of all, thanks for coming! We have seriously learned to cherish meeting in person; and personally getting to know you, your projects and your questions is of high value for us.

Besides our newly launched FreeScan UE Pro Multifunctional Laser Handheld 3D Scanner, we displayed our current metrology product portfolio ranging from high-precision desktop 3D inspection to automated robotic blue light scanning technology and our latest 3D printing solutions.


Control 2022

Robotscan E0505EinScan HXFreeScan UE ProAccuFab-L4KAutoScan Inspec


Watch our recap to rewind what happened at our booth

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