Exciting FreeScan v2.0 Updates for Improved Scanning Experience

December 5, 2023


Are you ready for cutting-edge software updates that will take your scanning experience to the next level? We are thrilled to announce the release of our latest version of FreeScan Software, FreeScan v2.0. Packed with amazing features, this update is designed to improve data quality, streamline processes, and provide more flexibility. This update includes models that cover the entire FreeScan product line, including FreeScan Combo, FreeScan UE Pro, and FreeScan UE.

In this blog post, we will dive into the exciting updates that will revolutionize the way you scan. Let’s explore these enhancements in detail!

Real-time Mesh Scanning: Elevating Data Quality

One of the most significant updates in our latest version is the support for real-time mesh scanning. This feature significantly enhances data quality by controlling noise, improving the data quality, and enhancing the scanning experience. With real-time mesh scanning, you can now save valuable time as it reduces the need for point cloud-to-mesh processing.

Additionally, the scanning results can be displayed in multiple ways, such as triangles, wireframes, point cloud data, or a combination of triangles and wireframes. Excitingly, you can also save the scan as a point cloud file for future reference or analysis.

Variable Point Distance: Customizing Your Scanning Experience

Gone are the days of being limited to a fixed point distance during a scan. Our latest software version now allows you to set the point distance directly in the scanning interface. This eliminates the need to go back to the project creation stage when you want to change the point distance after completing a scan.

Moreover, the range of point distance has been expanded, with the highest point distance setting now at 10mm. Even if you have already completed a scan, you can still adjust the point distance, and the scanned data will automatically adapt to the new settings.

Data Quality Indicator: Assessing Scan Data Integrity

To help you assess the completeness of your scan data, we have introduced the data quality indicator in laser mode. In this mode, the scan data is color-coded, with blue indicating complete data and yellow indicating areas that require further scanning. This enhancement provides a better visual representation of the scan data’s integrity, assisting you in making informed decisions regarding the need for additional scans. With the quality chromatic mapping feature, you can ensure that your scan data is comprehensive and accurate.

Saving Cutting Planes within Marker Files: Even More Efficiency

We introduce a new functionality that enables users to save cutting planes in Scan Markers Mode. These cutting planes can be saved within the marker file, along with the marker data. This eliminates the need for users to recreate a cutting plane when using the same marker file. This feature proves beneficial when inspecting similar objects multiple times and needing to exclude data from specific regions. Simply create a cutting plane, save both the marker file and the cutting plane, and the next time you import the file, the cutting plane will already be available.

Laser Line Color: Visualizing Scanning Distance

In our latest version, we have introduced a new default feature that uses laser line color to indicate scanning distance. With this enhancement, the color of the laser line corresponds to the proximity of the scanned object: red for too close, green for optimal distance, and blue for too far. This visual representation helps you intuitively control the appropriate working distance during the scan. You can switch back to the previous display style in the settings, which includes a distance bar on the left side of the scanning interface and color indications similar to the new version.

Dongle-Free Software Start: Convenient Access to Post-processing and Measurement

No more worries about forgetting or misplacing your dongle! In our latest version, you can now open the scanning software without the need for a dongle. However, please note that without the dongle, you will only have access to the post-processing and measurement modules. Scanning still requires the presence of the dongle. This update provides added convenience for situations when you need to view data or perform post-processing and measurement tasks without the dongle.

We hope these software updates bring excitement and convenience to your scanning experience. Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to unleash the full potential of your scanning projects!