SHINING3D Cooperates with WALTER SPOHN TRUST: Wider Use of 3D Technologies in Medical Field

December 22, 2021

(WST), is a non-profit organization with the mission of advancing clinical and practical education and scientific research in support of patient care in the field of Anaplastology. WST supports the profession by providing financial support for research and education with the goal of ultimately benefiting patients. Now,  WST initiates a fundraising raffle to support its mission and the anaplastology profession. SHINING3D is honored  to be a part of this meaningful activity as a partner of the WST, providing effective digitalization equipment and solutions.

Anaplastology is a specialized healthcare field focused on providing restorative prostheses for patients impacted by disfigured or malformed anatomy of the face or body. Anaplastologists are extremely specialized clinicians that provide a valuable service to patients by restoring their anatomy with lifelike facial, hand, and foot prostheses.

Today, high-precision 3D digital technology is playing an increasingly important role in the medical field, helping doctors perform precise surgeries and more efficient post-rehabilitation treatments for patients. Many anaplastologists have begun to incorporate  3D technologies such as digital design and 3D printing in their workflow to improve efficiency, accuracy, and ideal results for their patients . 

SHINING 3D provides digitalization equipment and solutions to help improve this treatment process. Compared to traditional impressions, there is a huge advancement in terms of time, materials, and accuracy, streamlining a digital workflow, which makes 3D technology being applied more widely in this field . 3D scanning is the ideal tool for extracting molds, can easily cope with situations where conventional methods encounter serious challenges and help tocover a wider patient range.

Previously, SHINING3D partnered with Sakura Prosthetics in the Philippines, whose mission is to give hope and happiness to patients, specializing in the production of lifelike same skin tone artificial prostheses.  Joining forces with WST is another milestone in SHINING 3D´s journey to improving the lives of those in need by means of 3D digital technology.

In the future, SHINING3D will continue to focus on high-precision 3D digital technology, cooperating with various institutions to promote the popularization and application of high-precision 3D digital technology, offering accessible efficient high-tech solutions globally.

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