Freedom Upgrade for the FreeScan UE

August 30, 2021

The FreeScan UE has been developed to cater to the needs and requirements of industry professionals and at the same time provide efficient and reliable solutions to tackle the challenges they are facing in their everyday working life. The SHINING 3D Team has thus developed the latest FreeScan handheld laser 3D scanner to foster excellency and high performance even in complex and difficult operation environments, suitable for expert users and beginners alike.

But this is not where we stop: by continuously enhancing our software features users are enabled to get even more performance out of the hardware without any additional payments.

FreeScan UE v1.1.0.6. has arrived and we´re excited to walk you through the update and introduce to you how we strive to optimize your industrial 3D scanning experience.     

     0.1 mm Point-Distance Selection 

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In addition to the previous software version now 0.1mm point-distance can be selected as a further option.

Adding Global Markers

The software update version offers broader options for an efficient 3D scanning process. Global Markers can now be scanned before capturing the point cloud. Compared with the previous version, the new process ensures high accuracy and precise alignment.

New Functions in the Mesh Generation Step

Several new function options have been added in the mesh generation step: recommended parameter, hole filling and removal of small floating parts.

Recommended parameter: the new option is a very useful function in the mesh generation step. The software automatically selects the appropriate mesh parameters according to the point-distance and data quality.

New Post-Processing Features

The post-processing step now supports drag-in operation with mesh data and removes the zoom function of saved data. This function can be used to process and check the data thoroughly.

Direct Linkup with 3rd Party Softwares


The software update enables direct data transfer into several 3rd party softwares thus saving time and efficiently optimizing the data workflow. Compatible software options include Geomagic Control X, Verisurf, Geomagic Design X, Geomagic  Essentials and Solid Edge SHINING 3D Edition.

Measurement Interface and Function

Create Feature


Features can be created on the mesh, allowing alignment of the mesh to the coordinate system. Under the measurement tab, features can be created as a final step before creating the STL file. The STL file can be saved in the desired alignment to the coordinate system and is thus ready for convenient import into further processing softwares.



The movement tool helps to place the mesh in the desired location in the coordinate system.

Measurement Tool

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Distance can be conveniently measured by picking two points on the mesh.

-Surface Area

The surface size of a selected area can be calculated by the software automatically.


Enables the measuring of the volume of parts which are difficult to measure.

Adjustment of the Calibration Interface and Acquisition

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Upgraded UI interface and enhancement of the matching angle make the calibration of the FreeScan UE easier than ever before.

Firmware Upgrade and Software Automatic Update Reminder

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You can carry out the firmware upgrade and software automatically thanks to the previous automatic notification.

Scan RAM Optimization

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Compared with software version, the version has a certain scan ram optimization. The figure shows that less memory is consumed than in the previous version in the same amount of time.

0.05 mm Scan Performance

The scanning performance of the 0.05mm point-distance setting has been thoroughly improved compared to the previous version.

Improved Performance of Scanning Highly Reflective, Black and Bright Objects

Scanning of black objects now comes with improved data integrity and scanning experience.

Compared with the performance of the old version on black and bright workpieces, data better in integrity and scanning experience have been significantly improved.

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Download FreeScan UE v1.1.0.6.