Shaping New Beginnings: Digital Custom Prosthetics With EinScan

November 1, 2021

Sakura Prosthetics is a Pioneer in the Philippines producing lifelike same skin tone artificial prosthetics made of high-grade quality medical silicone designed for restoration without clinical operation. Their patients are in need of prosthetics due to accident, trauma and inborn disabilities. Sakura Prosthetics aims to give back hope, happiness and joy of life to these people.

A Woman in Need of Facial Prosthetics

In 2017, Lola Rosita was diagnosed with a tumor on her right cheek. To prevent it from spreading, it was removed along with her right eye. The treatment left her with a big hole in her face. Some time after the medical intervention the part where the eye was removed was still sore and Lola was also afraid the tumor would come back. Due to the poor circumstances she is living in, she did not have the opportunity to see a doctor. Even in the midst of the pandemic, she was scrubbing and trading in garbage despite the severe risk of infection due to the exposure of the airway to her lungs.
In November of 2020, Lola´s case was featured by Reporter´s Notebook, an award-winning documentary investigative program hosted by GMA, the renown local news and entertainment network in the Philippines.
The journalists brought Lola to the Paranaque City LGU. Thanks to their support, she could be taken to the Philippine General Hospital. After thoroughly examining Lola, the doctor´s stated that the tumor did not return to her face. But they strongly recommended her to get a facial prosthesis to prevent injury and infection of the hole in her face.

Lola Rosita’s New Face – How the EinScan Pro 2X Plus Assisted in Giving Back Smiles

Sakura Prosthetics designed the prosthesis for Lola with the help of the EinScan Pro 2X Plus. Let´s take a look how 3D digital technologies upgraded the efficiency of the design process for the prosthesists while at the same time making it more hygienic and comfortable for Lola.
“The patient has a big cavity in her right orbital area due to the removal of cancer. The area has sensitive parts, the airway to the lungs. The conventional way of taking an impression is using dental impression materials, such as alginate or silicone rubber impression materials. This is a risky way, especially with this kind of case. Another matter is we cannot take an impression with the patient’s eye opened on the normal side of the face. This makes is difficult for us to copy its shape and it would have taken longer time compared to digital scanning with a 3D scanner.”

Ryo Miyata, CEO Sakura Prosthetics

In order to create an accurate impression of Lola´s face to create the custom right orbital prosthesis, Sakura Prosthetics uses the EinScan Pro 2X Plus Multifunctional Handheld 3D Scanner

Image 1: 3D scanning with the EinScan Pro 2X Plus to create the digtal impression of Lola´s face
Image 2: Lola´s portrait data are exactly copied digitally with the help of the EinScan Pro 2X Plus and the ExScan 3D scanning software from SHINING 3D

The 3D scanning data of Lola´s face were then exported to Meshmixer to digitally design the prostheses and create 3D printed models for the fitting.

Image 3: Lola´s face data in Meshmixer
Image 4: Prosthetics design for the orbital prosthesis in Meshmixer

“We used a 3D scanner because it provided less stress for the patient compared to the traditional impression taking. It also lessens patient contact, especially this time of pandemic. 3D scanning requires fewer skills as it digitally mirrors an object.”
Ryo Miyata, CEO Sakura Prosthetics
Following the completion of the design in Meshmixer, the data is exported for 3D printing. Digital design enabled an authentic digital reconstruction of the clinical situation of Lola´s face. The 3D printed models help Ryo Miyata and his team to create a perfectly matching prosthesis made from silicone in the colour matching Lola´s skin.

Image 5: Lola´s 3D printed face and the design sample for the silicone prosthesis

The silicone can be molded into a matching prosthetic thanks to the accurate 3D printed replica. The EinScan Pro 2X Plus Multifunctional Handheld 3D Scanner championed the highly precise provision of the data necessary to bring this helpful and efficient tool to reality

Image 6: Lola´s final prosthesis

Bringing together artistic craftsmanship and the knowledge of modern digital technology, the team from Sakura Prosthetics created an authentic and light prosthesis giving back to Lola Rosita her natural looks, hope, confidence, safety and comfort.

Image 7: Fitting of the prosthesis