Shining 3D and Verisurf Upgrade The Replication of Authentic Historic Vehicles

May 31, 2021

SHINING 3D and Verisurf Software, Inc. boost the production of authentic replicas for historic motorsport

Stuttgart, May 31 2021 – SHINING 3D, a leading global provider of technologies for 3D digitization and 3D inspection and Verisurf, a measurement solutions company focused on accelerating measurement processes for precision inspection, product assembly, and reverse engineering have partnered with CP Tech and Sautter Historic Racing to upgrade the replication process of historic racing cars.

Back to the Le Mans of the 1960s: bringing to life a Ford GT40

The Ford GT40 is bursting with motorsports history and prestige. The legendary battle between Ferrari and Ford at the Le Mans 24 hours endurance classic will never be forgotten and can still be relived today in numerous documentaries and films. From 1966 to 1969 the Ford GT40 dominated the motorsports world. The name is derived from the Gran Turismo class and the total height of 40 inches. CP Tech and Sautter Historic Racing bring this icon to historic racing in the 21st century.

Together with SHINING 3D and Verisurf, an original Ford GT40 can be measured entirely in order to create an authentic replica with the latest production technologies and manufacturing processes.

FreeScan UE & Verisurf

The seamless 3D scanning and inspection solution from SHINING 3D and Verisurf is easing workflow and efficiency for all kinds of industrial applications with rigid accuracy requirements. Together, the FreeScan UE and Verisurf Offline Scan Data Suite 2021 are the ultimate team in tackling demanding applications at an extraordinary price-performance ratio.

Want to learn how the FreeScan UE and Verisurf helped in the authentic replication of historic motorsport vehicles?

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About Verisurf

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