EP-A800 Resin 3D Printer Can Print 55 Pairs of Goggles During One-time Production

March 23, 2020

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(3D printed goggles, photosensitive resin)

Medical goggles are necessary medical supplies to overcome the epidemic situation. Our EP-A800 resin 3D printer can be used for a quick emergent production in the shortage period. It enables an no-human production, reduces the spread of epidemic situation. Also it is possible to share the data models, to realize the network collaborative production, to improve the production efficiency.

Customized 3D printed goggles which are printed according to the 3D scanning data of human face have a better sealing effect.

a picture showing the looking of wearing 3D printed goggles.

What’s the benefits of 3D printed goggles?

1. During the pandemic, wearing goggles will block the virus from contacting your eyes. It’s not only recommended for medical professionals, but also for personal use. Considering today’s situation which medical resources are in shortage, 3D printing technology can help us produce medical equipment like these goggles much more quickly.

2. Traditional goggles, because of its non-customized fit, are easy to fog, and are not comfortable enough to wear; Using 3D print and 3D scan technology, the goggles can be customized to fit the wearers’ demand and make the wearing more comfortable without tooling.

3. The stl file we provide for FREE download includes not only the the traditional goggle structure, but also a breathing valve design on the side to make the goggles more breathable and more suitable for long-term wear.

Kindly reminder: SLA resin printed goggle frames need to be sterilized with alcohol and UV lamps, and then equipped with lenses (or transparent plastic materials with good light transmission, transparent PC, acrylic plates Etc.), sponge strips, elastic bands and other necessary accessories to make a complete pair of goggles.

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