3D Scan Thai Monk for Better Spreading Buddhist Culture

November 29, 2019

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Source: Kidendesign

Kidendesign studio from Taiwan, has rich experience in 3D digitizing and 3D printing applications. Their project #ScanTaiwan has been protecting cultural relics in Taiwan such as stone lions, traditional instrument and old architectures. In their newest venture, they need to make a customized statue for a famous Thai monk in a short time, to better spread the Buddhist culture.

The most challenging task was to capture the 3D model of Thai monk, since he was visiting Taiwan for quite a short period of time. Also, the Kidendesign team could not disturb him during prayer. Thanks to EinScan Pro 2X Plus multi-functional handheld 3D scanner, the staff was able to obtain the whole portrait 3D data in less than 3 minutes under Handheld Rapid Scan mode. Also including the Color Pack add-on, the data was saved with color, creating a vivid detailed copy like the real person.

Next the designer imported the 3D data into Zbrush software for refining and editing. By adding the element of a stone line, the final model seemed unique and sacred. Lastly, the model was 3D printed using the wax materials and used in metal casting.

The fast 3D scanning guarantees high-accuracy and fine detail, instead of time-costing manually curving. In tradition, making a statue requires multiple steps including drawing, mud drafting, molding, and demolding. If the designer needs to modify and adjust during production, it always means starting from scratch again. While 3D scanning technology enables designers to easily return, change and scale at any time. Also, the software can simulate the final manufactured result, saving a lot of time and effort.